Realtor / Property Manager

Glariluz Gomez is a leading real estate agent who possesses the fundamental skills and passion necessary to help her clients succeed within the ever-evolving competitive market. Providing her services at Montrose Real Estate LLC, Glariluz has cultivated a deep understanding of the dynamic processes that guarantee a positive experience for every one of her clients.

Native to Puerto Rico and currently based in Florida, Glariluz has always been a family-oriented person with instilled commitment, resilience, and a robust work ethic. As an accredited agent, Glariluz obtained her Florida Real Estate License in 2006, earned an MBA with a concentration in Accounting in 2015 and holds a rich history involving 30+ years of experience in customer service.

As a passionate professional, Glariluz has a genuine ardency for her career, values integrity and trust, and is devoted to empowering her clients with in-depth information and insight so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their futures.

Glariluz loves what she does and is always staying updated with the current market trends to provide her clients the best representation they deserve. However, you can often find her traveling for cultural enrichment, spending time with friends and family, and partaking in volunteer work to support her community in her free time.

Glariluz Gomez (aka Glary)